We innovate in all areas in technology and work to be the best in our field, exceeding expectations every day with our professional and reliable service.

We pride our self’s in our quality customer service, and we use the latest technologies to make sure that Sheils operatives are as efficient as possible.

Our dispatch team have full visibility of all our field-based operatives and their workload. That means they can effectively plan your repairs and services, so you’ll never have to wait longer than you should. The operatives can let the tenant know they are on their way with a click of a button and it will send a text allowing the tenant to track the arrive of the operative.

Property information is stored on the operative’s tablets, this allows information and work descriptions to be relayed to our operatives. This helps give the operative an understanding of the job and any history they may require. This helps us complete the job in one visit.

All documents are produced and sent electronically. All updates from the operatives are relayed back to the system in real time, eliminating the need for paperwork and giving our clients and customers a seamless update on job progress. Operatives take pictures of every job and is supplied with invoices and a point of works assessment.