‘Quality, Reliability, and Safety are our core values we pride ourselves in.’

Sheils Construction, Joinery & Maintenance will provide these core values  and we are sure your tenants will agree these core values are what matters most, which is why we are reaching out to you to extend a proposal of our services.

Sheils Construction, Joinery & Maintenance Ltd is a Glasgow based company offering services in reactive maintenance, renovations and repairs, construction and fittings, tiling and plastering, and restoration to reinstate and maintain property value for both public, social and private housing across Scotland. We carry out a lot of work for housing assocations including void works, bathroom contracts and kitchen contracts.

Sheils Construction
As a company with skilled staff and over a decade of cumulative experience working for Housing Associations, we produce the best possible service through the following:
  1. House Renovations and Maintenance: We carry-out detailed house renovations and maintenance to increase the value of your home. From door mechanism repairs, seals and fittings, forced entry, to rebranding your home for better comfort, ease, and all-around beauty.
  2. Adaptations: Through our experience in working in homes of the elderly or vulnerable, we are experts in assisting them to live an independent life in their own home by adapting their homes be it bathroom or kitchen to meet their needs, requirements, and choices.
  3. Automation & Technology use: With a touch of a button, our clients are assured of optimal and real-time alerts, tracking, information, and updates of on-going jobs with our advanced software accessible by clients via their devices.
  4. Skilled & Certified: Guided by our values and commitment to environmental policies including waste minimization and material reuse where possible, we ensure our staff and technicians are skilled and well-trained, as well as having our business SMAS and ISO9001 certified.
  5. Timely Service: No matter what kind of repair, we offer an all-trades approach to help you resolve your needs and also deliver timely job completion.

Working in Partnership

Having worked in partnership with several contractors and property associations and managers, our community approach allows us to commit to making a huge difference in living standards and resident safety in all our work, and we bet you would love that for your residents.

So why not let us be your No.1 Scotland construction/maintenance company, and we can show you the prospective value our company is known to offer. We would appreciate a personal meeting with you for a detailed presentation of the prospective value we can offer.

Remodelling Housing